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Support The Black Stars, Or Shut Up!

Senior National Team, the Black Stars have soared above thwarts and proven to the 7.046 billion people on earth how much substanc...

Senior National Team, the Black Stars have soared above thwarts and proven to the 7.046 billion people on earth how much substance they are made of, in the Ghana-Germany clash in Fortaleza, Brazil. This has given me the green light to slate and point knives at some Suarezes among us.

I would want to congratulate the players on the extraordinary display of showmanship and eminence during the game.

It is very unfortunate the way some Ghanaian-blooded folks throw their unnecessary opinions in what is blatantly tagged ‘predictions’ on social media and other platforms in times like this, when all that is expected of them is exclusive patriotism.

A section of foul-minded people who have no considerable knowledge of the sport shamelessly criticise, condemn and revile our team, for reasons best known to them. Funnily, most of them have no technical familiarity with the tactical game of soccer – they will not even be able to differentiate soccer from football. These aliens travel the extra mile to prophesy doom for us, hoping and praying earnestly for our failure.

The big question is, by what measure do you sit in the comfort of your home and envisage a disgraceful loss for a squad that is holding high the flag of your motherland at the full glare of the world? Soccer is a game, which means it is as unpredictable as the weather, notably when the top notches are even unexpectedly collapsing. You certainly have no idea what will happen till the man holding the vanishing spray has sounded the last blast. Hence, suffice it to say that it is simply a matter of appropriateness to pray and hope for the best for Kwasi Appiah and his twenty-three boys.

World Cup 2014 is certainly not a conducive moment to abusively abuse our already-abused freedom of speech.

If you do not have hope in the Black Stars, or have the heart of a chick, or belong to the lineage of Thomas of the New Testament, or  are the ‘clueless’  type,  or simply want to play antagonism for the fun of it; you are advised to hold your fire!  As for those who are politicizing the game of soccer, the least said about them the better.

Whiles the mathematicians now get to their statistical best to perm and combine Ghana’s chances of qualifying on, and the soccer team gets back to the drawing board; all that is expected of us is the spirit-filled unflinching support.

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